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Cancer’s deadly

Cancer can kill

Payment for

Recovery is a hefty bill.

The shock you feel

When 1st told,

It’s a memory

You will always hold.

Its soul destroying,

Gut wrenching,

But most of all

Fist clenching.

Uncontrolled abnormal cells

Will take you

To the depth of hell.

Any part of the body

Can be under attack,

This disease will

Not slack.

Some survive

Some do not

Prays for all

Who are going,

through this knot.

The toughest hurdle

You will ever endure

Fight the fight

And stand secure.

Love to all who

has shared this pain,

my heart is with you

as you feel

the strain.

Keep going

Everything will come

At the perfect time,

Keep going

This disease

is a crime.

Keep going

Day by day

You will find

your passageway.

sad poetry
Janelle barker
Janelle barker
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