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Campfire and Sand

by Amethyst Jill Kahler 10 months ago in love poems

Blazing Summer Nights

Your tides tickle the shores of my coastal town and slowly work their way up my arms

to the place on my neck where you paint masterpieces of the future in listless breaths across my skin

I get lost in a sliver of a someday that was never meant to be

And the Ebb and release of your words

pulls me out to sea

and back in


and back out of love with you

You play at the edges of my heart like you’re afraid of the shore

Like I will gobble you up and drown you in dry land.

So you run in

and out again.


And back into love with me

How cruel to burn a fire so brightly and consume so much of its fuel

Only to let the waves kill its warmth at the end of the night

I don’t like the East

Where the sun rises and new days begin

Where the painful sting of morning cuts through the fog of my perfect night

The East

Where, when dawn breaks,

she screams

and deafens the comforting rhythm of your rising tide

So I run out

And back in


And back out of love with you

I much prefer the West

Where Sunsets slink into long nights and sandcastle buckets of laughter

roll down the hills through the reeds and fly kites under moonlight

Like kids in the day

The West

where a company of stars speak long into the blackness

and the water sounds softer but more powerful

Where it takes lifetimes for the sun to rise

And the tide stays in just a little bit longer

where I tell sleep to find some other sucker to pester

Until you run in

And back out of love again

You back Out

You. Always. Back. Out.

Every time.

And suddenly I realize that I am always in.

I will always be in

We will never bind

I am the constant shore

and you,

the struggling sea

Incessantly falling in

And back out of love with me.

love poems

Amethyst Jill Kahler

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Amethyst Jill Kahler
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