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by the way

by Ruthie 3 months ago in love poems
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on a sparrow tide

By the way

I don’t know what I came here for.

I don’t know why

I don’t cry anymore.

I don’t know how leaps of faith should begin.

But I think you might be


I think that, maybe, you just might be

the wind

Taking me somewhere, someplace out here,

that I've never been.

And I thought love was

something that you found.

Picked up some pieces, and you carried them


And when you had enough,

you set them down.

And built a shelter,

so you wouldn’t drown,



for good weather.

And prayed, for good weather.

And by the way, I thought love was what you lost.

Something that hurt you, put you so high up on a cross.

Something you paid for,

sometimes too much for,

at too high a cost.

And I thought love was

something you forget.

Memories’ you traded for

whatever you found next.

Something that ached,

like a red, red sunset.

Something that pulled the breath

right out your chest.

And by the way,

I didn’t know I was a


Until the leaves fell

all around us

and I was


And we made some love,

out of nothing,

out of what we had to spare.

T he way a tree



from air.

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