But I Should Be Glad

by Em 3 months ago in sad poetry

That's What They Say

But I Should Be Glad

But i should be glad that it happened right?

Because that means someone finds me attractive, right?

Just so unbearably attractive that they couldn't get off me

But it's my fault, right?

For being so god damn cute in some fucking sweats and a hoodie

But it's my fault for not screaming no or stop loud enough, right?

But it's my fault for hanging out with them, right?

But i should be glad. Right?

Because I'm not like other girls according to them

Because oh god I'm so fucking tight

And oh my god is my pussy fire

Fire enough for you to think it's okay to force my pants off and get yourself inside me

Fire enough for you to take involuntary bodily reactions and say "you're wet, you like this"

But no I'm not glad

And no i didn't like that

And no i will not be okay with this, ever

sad poetry
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