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Bundle of memories

by David Sague 2 months ago in love poems

on moving ahead

I’m no more than a floating

bundle of memories,

headed someplace.

I could trace the line back

from every crack

in my voice,

twitch of my face,

longing of my soul,

to some painful

moment in that fog behind

Eventually find the dots connect

all the way

to that warm womb,

my original home.

If I’m not striving

to recreate remembered joy,

I’m fighting

to write a new ending to the times

that stung. Crying confused into

the cold, bright world.

So I’m here,

bundled memories moving ahead

someplace in time.

But like a mountain climber ascending

with only a memory of her first scaled treetop

and a friend holding the rope below

Like an author who can only

move the plot forward if he builds

on the chapters before.

An author who thought they were taking dictation,

then discovered the pen moves

at their command.

love poems

David Sague

I want the gouges the world carves into my heart to create canyons filled with echoing winds, flowing rivers, mysterious caves, and whatever the fuck kind of wildlife lives in canyons.

I want my heart to become a wonder.

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David Sague
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