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by John Ridgway 3 years ago in social commentary
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Kings of Cook County

death row L.A.

kindred of the lost

discussions led

slowly into madness

in come the drinks and potions

out goes all reasoned notions

we watch from

other side on sanity

most of the time you couldn't hear us yelling

we grew hoarse and soul tired

when ya did

you flashed a sign

were you surprised to find yourself in a line up?

You blew your little bit of life apart

your terrors turned to rage

shred you down to reptilian brain

Doing Bull

puts a cruel smile on your face

everything you went in with

that was decent about you

was pissed away long ago into a shit stained toilet

coughed up and spit out in bloody phlegm

shot into the ass of a fighting bitch

The day you die the darkest pit will brighten

no one will pick up your body

social commentary

About the author

John Ridgway

I have five published books, wrote for two small tv shows, hosted the comedy hit PEACE AND PIPEDREAMS, playing 14 comedy characters plus... on FEARLESS RADIO. I also consult for the intelligence community in various capacities.

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