Building a Wall and Not a Bridge

A Tale Yet To Be Told

Building a Wall and Not a Bridge
A Doves Perspective

Long time ago a tale was told

Upon a big wall a life would unfold

A giant he be with political backing

Yet to most of crowd a brain he was lacking

You see the tale starts like this

A fall from.a wall was his deaths kiss

Many took heed of his cracked open crown

Since that point many a wall came down

Until one day yet another giant came to be

And his political madness for all to see

On his point of promises in a political punch

Many had started to chat over lunch

His promise a wall to block the unwanted

Still the freedom fighters crossed undaunted

Tunneling under to the land of the free

Is all the immigrants wanted to be

Now here is the tale of yet untold fate

And I'll agree that many will debate

The first fallen from The wall be Humpty

As the tale yet to unfold what will happen to dear old Trumpty?

Sat March 2nd


As I enjoy writing, my goal is to understand the aspects of Healing through writing along with homeopatic remedies. I am currently saving for A Reiki Session and any gratuitous gestures are appreciated and will fund my holistic ventures. Thank you for taking the time to read this poem.

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Matthew Mikituk
Matthew Mikituk
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Good day everyone. We all have a story to share. Some of us keep to ourselves. I enjoy poetry and holistic healing. If you like my poems / reviews and would like to leave a tip towards my Reiki Courses that will be forever appreciated.

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