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Buck Moon

by Corrin Harris 10 months ago in nature poetry
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A poem

Buck Moon
Photo by Philipp Pilz on Unsplash

Strength and glory upon his head,

Displays the royal rack of kings.

The elk’s antlers soon will shed,

Its glorious and velvety sheen.

He steps carefully through the night,

For danger could be hiding.

The high Buck moon shines her light,

To help him in his striding.

July brings the month of storms

And the height of summer.

Heavy clouds start to form,

A loud and furious drummer.

Thunder rumbles over trees;

A warning before the storm.

Gentle creatures start to flee,

In search of some place warm.

We must strengthen all our senses:

To see, to feel , to hear.

To be prepared in all places,

Awareness replaces fear.

The Full moon watches from up high;

A silent observer of all things.

She gives the gift of higher sight,

Be ready for what life brings.

I’m a little late posting this, but please, if you enjoyed it give me a little heart. This is the Second in my full moon poem series. Check out Strawberry Moon.

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