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Bubble Gum

by Karissa Alvarez-Wolivar 3 months ago in social commentary

Stereotyped Femininity

Bubble Gum
Photo by Ruth Ochoa on Unsplash

Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish

Skipping rope

Bubble gum pink

The color of my clothes

My mom dressed me in femininity

She said act like a woman

Serve men’s fragility

I stopped wearing pink and frilly dresses

A woman should not only clean other’s messes

I painted my room bubble gum pink

Searching for my escape

Living in rural poverty with no opportunity

I would not remain

My dad told me I would never leave

But kicked me out all the same

I didn’t care

Alone I’d be

Sleeping in my car

Men’s fragility to blame

I didn’t like pink

To me it was a label

Something to confine baby girls

Fresh from the pink from which they emerged

A color that said “You are weak”

From day one

I much preferred yellow

Bright like the sun

I had made my escape

To a small University

I studied and travelled

And for a long time, unknowingly

To a man

I bent my knee

He hurt me and I was complacent

Not wearing pink

Smoking green

My needs, my ideas, my joy adjacent

During this time

People slept in my pink room

My brother’s many friends

Some ferrets

My sister, my niece, my nephew

The list will never end

I left my bubble gum pink room

It was a home for many

I left my man

And I wore pink again

I reclaimed my feminine energy

Recognizing all the power that it gave me

I was stronger and wiser

And wore frilly dresses

I didn’t have time for cleaning men’s messes

I wore shoes high as stilts

My personality was tall

Pink was the color I liked

Most of all

The label feminine

Associated with pink

I recognized now

Was not at all weak

That the strongest people

Embrace stereotyped feminine energy

Whether they are women, trans, gender neutral, or men

We are all suffering our own fragilities

My mother dressed me in pink

And she knew its power

Her male serving habits

Lessen every hour

We unlearn bad behaviors

Our society teaches us

Pink is the color that unites us

It teaches us

Empathy, understanding, caring for others is pink

From the womb where we are birthed

Pink is our origin

It’s distinct

Bubble gum, bubble gum

In a dish

How many pieces do you wish?

As my children skip rope

I’ll teach them pink

Is a color of hope

To embrace pink

Is to embrace every color

To learn each colors value

Is to better understand each other

social commentary
Karissa Alvarez-Wolivar
Karissa Alvarez-Wolivar
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Karissa Alvarez-Wolivar
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