Broken Home Poem

by Dakota Thomas about a year ago in sad poetry

Poem about my parents' separation

Broken Home Poem

Broken Home

They split up when I was 9

Thought I would be fine

Sad thoughts taking up my time

Therapy sessions all mine

They should’ve changed their mind

Backpacks traveling back and forth

They don’t love each other anymore

Mommy lives up North

Therapist asking if I’m fine

I don’t like her so I’ll just lie

Why did the love have to die

Why didn’t they give me a sign

The kid isn’t alright

She won’t be alright

Cheers to more loud nights

Don’t look at daddy’s phone

Don’t want to see texting fights

Broken home can’t be fixed

I hold the glue sticks

sad poetry
Dakota Thomas
Dakota Thomas
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Dakota Thomas

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