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Broken Heroes

by Thanh Dinh 2 years ago in social commentary
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- To my sister and mother: I am forever and always indebted to both of you

Let's talk about the broken heroes -

the ones fall at the battles,

the ones full of scars,

the ones who, on a rainy day,

simply do not survive.

Let's talk about the broken heroes -

the ones who fall short of God's favor,

or even human's favor.

Or - or they don't have to be heroes:

They can be just a human, falling short of being human

and falling short of survive.

The wars they have been to, alone,

with thunderstorms far beyond their capacity and

too little weaponry to fight against them.

The love they give in return to

coldness, hardness, and cruelty of men.

The sacrifices they make simply because

their hearts are too big,

and life is too small.

Let's talk about my sister,

who has a brain polyp

and keeps on forgetting the life that she lives

since the start of time.

Let's talk about how she is too trusting

but is never trusting enough to heal her broken heart.

Yet she persists.

Looking at her across the screen,

and across the ocean at the same time,

smiling, faking a happy face,

"Don't worry," she says, and I think of

all of us.

Let's talk about all of us who

have more than once in our life faking a "Don't worry."

Because what else is stronger than a fake "Don't worry"?

Let's talk about our strongest armor - let's talk about love,

and all the hopes that one day will turn into disappointments.

But what can I say about all of those - I am merely a person

whose heart grows weary quicker than a century of loving

and forgiving.

Don't let me fool you into the trap of sentiments:

instead, just spare some of your hard times on talking

about the broken heroes,

about my sister,

about us.

social commentary

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Thanh Dinh

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