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Broccoli Malarkey

by AC 2 years ago in love poems
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Broccoli and snowstorms

Two of my favourite things

I like the bitter taste of one,

And glittery look of the other

Not many agree with me

On the things that i love most

I don’t need any validation,

Or listen to all the malarkey, you see

Cause all that matters is me

I also love rain,

And the sweet smell of gasoline

One cold and uncomfortable for some

And the other could knock you unconscious

Neither one worries me

Though some say it should

I’ll never change my mind on these things

Because along with your love for me, They’re on the top of my list


love poems

About the author


I pull all of my inspiration for my poems from different people & experiences I’ve come across in my life. Not all reflect my own personal stories. I hope you enjoy!

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