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Bridging the Distance

by Jillian Spiridon 6 months ago in love poems

You + I = Us for a Lifetime

Bridging the Distance
Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash

Easy—that's how it felt to be with you,

Simple—that's the way it was always meant to be.

Your laugh—it washed over me in softly tuned tides.

My smile—you managed to make it rise up every time.

Time—it ran from us, through our clenched fingers.

Home—it was what we made with each other.

Your sigh—I heard it like a secret in bed each night.

My humor—you said it helped you get through the day.

Friends—that was what we were before love got in the way.

Lovers—you and I melded together as if we were two halves of a whole.

Joy—I felt it when you embraced me like I was a lifeline.

Hope—I wanted to believe this thing we had could last forever.

You and I—we tried to be the best people living the best life.

Love and us—we thought we had all the answers.

In the next life—I want it to be you again and again and again.

Tomorrow may be our end—but I'll still hold your hand while we wait.

love poems

Jillian Spiridon

just another writer with too many cats

twitter: @jillianspiridon

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Jillian Spiridon
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