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Poem Written on the day the U.K. left Europe

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Remember today,

Remember What happens and remember how you felt,

Don’t let the memory fade or mental imagery melt,

You’ll be asked to recall,

By grandchildren grown tall,

What happened to equality, democracy and common decency,

Why billionaires were so rich but still not happy,

How Propaganda wildfires burnt through families,

How a decision for division was made that nobody truly understood,

People voted with raw instinct,

Let loose on ideologies ,

That would shape futures,

Shape Lives,

Half the people voted to make the elite,


Fuelled by hate and misinformation,

The powers that be,

grasped a tighter grip on all that could be,

So listen to me,

Or don’t,

But Remember how you feel,

Remember what happens,

You’ll be asked about today,

Give our future generations something to say.

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George Dallimore
George Dallimore
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George Dallimore
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