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Breathing Fair

Don’t let the other say ‘I cannot breathe’,

By Andrew Benson GreenePublished about a year ago 1 min read
Breathing Fair.

Breathing Fair!

Don’t let the other say ‘I cannot breathe’,

We are all the same

We breath the same air

Whether fame or infame

We should treat one another fair.

Don’t let your neighbor say I cannot breathe

We should treat the other with care

Whether you are black, white, colored or brown,

Or whether you’re a janitor or you wear a crown

Let’s treat the other fair

Cause we breath the same air.

Now never let the other say I cannot breathe

Whether we fly by light

Or by day or night

Or live in a different village, town, country or continent

Or in a mansion, home or tent

We breath the same air

So treat one another fair.

Never let the other say I cannot breathe

Whether we travel by air land or sea.

We are all the same.

You see,

Amid an epidemic, we all cannot breathe

In the midst of war or human brutality

Or societal insanity,

During pollution

or environmental destruction

We all cannot breathe

Cause we breath the same air

That God gave for us to breath fair,

So please treat one another fair

And let not the other say, I cannot breathe.

June 1st 2020

Breathing Fair

social commentary

About the Creator

Andrew Benson Greene

Andrew was a Sauve Scholar at McGill Canada, a UN ITU Telecom World Digital Innovation Fellow in Geneva, a Masters of Science in Law student at Francis King Carey School of Law. He earned his BA from Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone in 1998

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