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Breakfast in Afghanistan

for Donny

Breakfast in Afghanistan

Breakfast in Afghanistan

For Donnie

We wake up bright and early but never wash or bathe.

There’s hardly any water; what we have we save.

We go about our business ignoring Leeuwenhoek.

Sanitize? Disinfect? Surely, my friend, you joke!

Oh, that? It’s just a little rash that’s mottling my feet;

I got it from a parasite consumed while eating meat.

What’s that? You ask about the bread. Why, yes, I stomp my own;

I use the board that serves as the back door of our home.

You say you’re not that hungry, but certainly I am.

Thanks so much for asking, yes, I’ll have mine with jam.

Pop tarts, anyone?

Amy Lynn Reifsnyder

March 13, 2004

social commentary
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