Break It

by Ruby Locre 14 days ago in love poems

It was never whole to begin with

Break It
Photo by Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash

Take my heart in hand and smash it again, I challenge you

I've been in this place but never remember what to do

You know every piece of me and move to make it whole

I can only see what those before you already stole

The holes and bits missing from the puzzle as you try

To make a picture from my tears and hear me lie

Forgetting that I'd promised to stop repeating the same things

Shaking for fear of what you seeing my full picture brings

I promised I'd be quiet while you're here but come morning you'll be gone

After everything we've done I'll sing that same old song

Every flaw you've convinced me to forget laid on the table

Filling in my missing pieces as you become a distant fable.

love poems
Ruby Locre
Ruby Locre
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