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The air we breathe, is the air you breathe.

But you hate to see us bettering the community.

You hate that we as a hole believe in what we can achieve.

Yea Yea us as blacks couldn’t read, but have looked beyond you thieves.

You steal, kill just as we do, but us as blacks get locked up in chains.

Where is the equality in this world.

King spoke for white, blacks, and everybody to be free.

But see this world isn’t made for just you, it’s made for all of to see.

So we stand strong, brave, and unafraid cause you can’t beat or hang us on a tree.

My black people are smarter than you will ever be!

So lock us up and throw away the key, but always remember we fight differently.

Young black man and Young black girl grow up and understand that we will never be treated equally!

So as us blacks watch tv teach each other about Mike Brown, Trayvon, and Ahmaud Arbery.

And how they killed the innocent Breonna sleeping so peacefully!

social commentary
Tecoria Savage
Tecoria Savage
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Tecoria Savage

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