Brains, Beauty, & Bank

by Erin Barron 3 months ago in inspirational

by: Erin Barron

Brains, Beauty, & Bank

Brains, Beauty & Bank

Brains, Beauty, and Bank

No one but herself to thank

Head of the class is her rank

Turning heads with swank

Dead presidents in her bank

No debts are to thank

She has what it takes

Aware of the high stakes

A team already believes in her

Ready to roll up their sleeves for her

A great leader is growing within her

Ready to play the ringleader

She wants to be an inspiring mentor

Helping teammates soar while building rapport

She has lips that communicate and debate

Plans to translate while acting first-rate

Organizations want to collaborate with her

She knows how to negate while sliding into home plate

She’s successful by trait

Always pulling her weight

Satisfied by the game

A masters title she claims

Like a bombshell she works in her tower

Her master’s degree feels a lot like power

Proud of her rise to the top

She has allies within the "Medical Mile "

Motivation is her foundation

Teamwork is the dreamwork

Dressed to impress she manages career stress

Blessed by Brains, Beauty, and Bank

Erin Barron
Erin Barron
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