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Brain and Baggage

by Zachary Boulanger 2 years ago in heartbreak

A New Leaf #2

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

Looking back the world seems so clear

still a subtle wreck without that girl here.

Played a number on my heart it was fun

but I'm scared that her and I are all done.

My life has only just begun

my brain and baggage used to weigh a ton

but I know that my life has just begun.

Wow man I've never felt alive

believe me I know what it feels like not to strive

to live a life others deem worth living

one thing: that girl is still missing.

Please break my heart right now because

I'll never be the man I said I was.

I know that we're better off this way

and I know soon I'll be okay...

Zachary Boulanger
Zachary Boulanger
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Zachary Boulanger

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