Boys Will Be Boys

That’s the way it is.

Boys Will Be Boys

Tick tick tock,

her age was on the clock.

As he pulls up her skirt,

he thinks she's a flirt.

She squirms in chance of a getaway

But still he makes her stay

she should've known,

That's what happens when you walk alone.

We are told to dress

To cover our chest.

We are told it is to protect us,

But are we really making such a fuss

when we argue it is simply to protect him from getting a boner?

Do her shoulders really make the boys want to bone her?

We were raised to be aware

When men stare and glare.

Call her by her name,

Her clothes aren't what's to blame.

Years ago women had to fight for the right to vote,

Yet we are still the ones who are asking for it when there's a need for a knife to be held to our throat.

Boys will be boys,

Girls will be toys.

Nothing more, nothing less.

That's just the way it is I guess.

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