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Bourgnewian Stallions

by Matthew Primous 6 months ago in nature poetry
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National Poem

Bourgnewian Stallions
Photo by Gene Devine on Unsplash

Fire in their eyes

The mist of disruption in their gallop

The tension all coming together

And determination in their grip

Those feet can trample lions

Those feet can divide herds

A massive body of movement

A massive lapse of time

Their glory in their strength

Their glory in their might

Rising on the heat of the sun

Rising on the setting of the sun

Strong as an ox

Strong as an oak tree

Breaking cedar

Breaking quickly

Riding high till noon

Riding high till evening

The dust kick up

The dust flees

The dust ceases in their path

As smart as an eagle

As clever as a bear

As quick as a fox

As calm as a dove

As mindful as a peacock

The attributes never end

As they portrayed courage

grit, bravery, and grace

Champions of their own destiny

Forgers of their own legacy

nature poetry

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Matthew Primous

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