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Bourgnew's Proverbs

by Matthew Primous 3 months ago in social commentary
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Knowing when you are destined for greatness

The Republic of Bourgnew's National Flag-Historic and Popular

How can I likened the birth of a republic? How can I likened the sign of its independence?

Is it not like a divine sign on a child destined for greatness?

Does it not fulfilled the necessary search for knowledge and fulfillment?

Like a knight sought on a quest to preserve their kingdom

Like an angel in swift heat of battle

Like a lion without any destitute of thought

See it has been written on your right thigh

Since your birth were you meant for

wisdom, aspiration, and purity

Wisdom to avert all offenses

wisdom, aspiration, and purity

Aspiration to aspired to greatness

wisdom, aspiration, and purity

Purity to keep hearts toward a perfect union

wisdom, aspiration and purity

Go back to your beginnings

see the sign of your birth

Go back to your beginnings

understand why you were born

Go back to your beginnings

and you will glimpse your part

of eternity

You will see your Heaven

You will see your completion

And rise up to the stars

Lighting the heavens

social commentary

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Matthew Primous

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