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Bounty of the Land

A Poem of Agriculture

By SANJAI Published 7 months ago 1 min read

Fields of green, as far as the eye can see

Stretching out towards the distant horizon

A patchwork quilt of crops and trees

Agriculture, our lifeline, our raison

From tiny seeds, mighty plants do grow

With nurturing care and patient hand

The farmer works from dawn 'til sunset's glow

To yield a bountiful, rich harvest land

The scent of soil, the rustling leaves

The gentle hum of bees and butterflies

The song of birds, the buzzing of the bees

Nature's symphony, a lullaby to our tired eyes

Through heat and cold, through rain and drought

The farmer toils, with unrelenting pride

For the fruits of his labor, there's no doubt

Are the sustenance of our nation's life

Oh, agriculture, you are our heart and soul

The foundation of our way of life

For without you, we'd be lost and cold

In a world of hunger, sorrow and strife

So let us give thanks, to the farmer's hand

And to the gifts of nature, all around

For it's through their work, and the gifts of the land

That our future and our hope are found.

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