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by Ivy Rozen 2 years ago in love poems
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I was just a phase.


I’m so sorry to just drop by

Like this, I

Don’t really know why

I guess I

Miss seeing your face

In real life

Not in the darkness

Behind my eyelids

When I try

To reminisce on all the times

We used to kiss

When we were worth the climb


Do you remember me, Dave?

Do you remember how I gave

You all of me?

Do you prefer me?

To remain

A memory?


Do you ever think of me, Dave?

Is there really nothing left to save?

What a pity

I promised I forgave

You saw right through me

Hey there, David

Do you know

You’re still my favorite?

If I’d known

Our time would be so brief

I would’ve made sure to savor it

But I’m sure it’s a huge relief

Not to see me, ain’t it?


I’m sorry that I hurt you when I

Said I wouldn’t try

I guess I

Just got scared away

But no need to explain

I know I’ve been erased


I’m so sorry that I bothered you, I

Don’t really know why

I guess I

Miss seeing your face

But I was just a phase

I know I’ve

Got to leave you, Dave

love poems

About the author

Ivy Rozen

Writer and poet with published articles, email campaigning experience, teaching experience, and a completed poetry residency with Free Verse, where I finished my first book of poems, Runcation, on sale now at www.IvanaWrites.com

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