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Born to Lose

by Yvonne Knight 2 years ago in heartbreak

I can't win

I was born to lose,

No matter what I do,

I just can't seem to break loose,

From the stupid things I do,

Life seems to work against me,

Never for me,

I feel like I'm dying on the inside,

I can’t disguise,

How I despise,

My life,

Feelings like a knife,

Feeling cut deep inside,

my inadequacy I can’t hide,

Is my suffering beautiful to you?

Why must I always lose?

Is my pain payment for being born?

Scorn because still I live?

Sworn never to love me?

No one does,

Love me,

I am cold,

And alone.

Yvonne Knight
Yvonne Knight
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Yvonne Knight

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