Borderline Beautiful

by Brett Eden 2 months ago in heartbreak

Borderline Personality Disorder from the mind of someone who suffers.

Borderline Beautiful

Just when I thought I'd cleaned your blood off the floor

You've come to haunt me like a ghost passing through the door

While I thought all my tears could've dried

Your bitter taste came in so I'd see sadness never dies

I've padded the walls to stay clear of your noise

Yet somehow my eardrums are stabbed by your voice

I've tried to stay dry on my countless rainy days

But you snatched my umbrella with your wicked, deceitful ways

Looking in the mirror can be hell cause of you

I'd be seeing black while my shade is more blue

And no pill could salvage my soul from your chains

No umbrella could save me from your dark acid rain

I'm never so ugly when from you I am free

Yet beside you I'm ugly, and ugly is all I could be

Not even six feet under could keep you from rising above the ground

Seems not even a prayer could keep me safe and sound

For you are the darkness, you're all I'll ever know

Stay in the shadows, don't come but please go

I deserve all my freedom, my mind, and my peace

And someday soon, I'll find my release

Brett Eden
Brett Eden
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Brett Eden
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