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Bookshelf Tranquility

by AC 2 years ago in heartbreak
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I randomly thought of you today

How you’d stroke your fingers thru my hair

And you’d ask me, how are you, & actually care what I’d say

Your left hand was my favourite

Covered in rings and tattoos

You knew it was my weakness

Much like my brown eyes for you

You’d have your coffee with milk

And Mine a dark roasted black

Your blueberry scone

And mine a whole chocolate pack

We’d sit there for hours,

And hours on end

Picking stories off your bookshelf

That we’d read til the end

With you I could stay

Wrapped up in our own tranquility

Hands and lips intertwined

We knew this was the feeling of stability

You fixed me in days

How, I’ll never quite know

You were the missing piece I needed

I never questioned it, though

With you it was simple

You were my person, no doubt

All we needed was love,

Your hand in mine, and your bookshelf about



About the author


I pull all of my inspiration for my poems from different people & experiences I’ve come across in my life. Not all reflect my own personal stories. I hope you enjoy!

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