Bodily Burdens


Bodily Burdens

Scientist say the human body is incredible.

But I find it to mostly be unbearable.

Gases that burst out from either end.

Some find it funny but I prefer offend.

Bodily burdens come every day.

If the body is so great why does it always need fixing?

God knows what things inside me are mixing.

My tummy just gurgled but for heavens sake why?

I'd like to know the details but it would only make me cry.

Bodily burdens come unnounced.

Aches and pains just take the biscuit.

You need to get a relief for it quick.

I read that you die when you sneeze.

Oh, great, that on top of my ashtmatic wheeze.

Bodily burdens come at the most stupid times.

My nose starts running like a damn tap.

My head is bunged up and I feel like crap.

What part of this is incredible?

I don't feel well put together at all.

Bodily burdens come uninvited.

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Paul Crocker
Paul Crocker
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