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Blood in my Inkwell

Some Dark poetry

By The Sinister PenPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

There is blood in my inkwell

Sinister feather pen dipped in red ink

Only time can tell when I fell to hell

Blood provides the best ink I think

especially when it's the blood of past enemies

so the words written are filled with rage

more blood spilled with each page turned

memories burned and lessons learned

so much blood spilled and golden coins earned

Blood in my inkwell tells the story

and yes it is very gory

Perhaps it was my own blood spilled by the magic dagger

who can tell where the blood in the inkwell came from

It will a mystery remain but this poem is still insane…

thoughts of the dark poet illuminated on a dark night

by the candles flickering

I try to escape hell

But there is so much more to write

For this still more blood in my Inkwell

performance poetry

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