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~ Blanket Love~

by Jennifer Cooley 3 months ago in love poems

Young crushes! When you find out the person of your dreams does exist, but then you discover a disconcerting difference of belief & structures between your lives, and understand this young love will never grow beyond the words where you've immortalized the time and the memory of when you once new each other!

~ Blanket Love~
Photo by David Dvořáček on Unsplash

Blanket Love!

(The year of the Basket)

What we shared IS so Special,

What we shared was so Good

Thank-you for giving that to me!

What we shared,

You can never have with another

For as long you shall live.

What we shared together,

Was Blanket Love

No other kind of Love runs deeper,

All the ‘Love’ that ‘Fits like a glove,’

None of it does compare

To what we shared

There is nothing more innocent,

There is nothing more pure

For Blanket Love goes back

To when we were still young,

Blanket love goes back

To when we were teenagers.

You can kiss 10,000 other Girls

But you will never ever find

What only lives in me.

You can kiss 10,000 Girls

But ‘none’ of them will EVER have

What only ‘Lives’ in me,

Because none of them

Will ever have,

What you only gave to Me!

Your Blanket Love

Belongs to Me.

No amount of time can ever change that

That is something no amount of time can ever undo.

No other Love,

And No Other Girl

Can ever take that away from me.

For it was in the year of the Basket,

When we were both still yet so young,

That our families love

Is what chose me, for you.

And heaven above IS Love,

watching the spell run its course

When you were just a Boy,

And I was just a Girl

And you cared so much

That ‘Even’ in your Dreams,

You forgot to Kiss Me.

So go on,

Go right ahead,

There is no denying

heavens powers Now,

Dream your little

Dreams of Love,

And what your heart

Most desires.

But just know that

For as long as you shall live,

When it’s an answer to your Dreams,

That comes ‘from’ 'Heaven, up above'

My Friend,

That ‘I’ indeed am

The ‘Only’ Girl

heaven ever wanted to send your way,

right on time in your life

On that perfect day.

So remember me my dear,

for in those memories

and thinking of that time

I'll continue to be,

the girl of your dreams.

Because your Blanket Love

Was only ever given to Me,

So your Blanket Love

Will only ever,

Live in me!

Your Blanket love

Belongs to Me.

And no amount of time can ever change that,

That is something no amount of time can ever undo

No other love,

Not from 1 to 10,000 other Girls

Who ever kiss you,

Can ever take that away from me

For All Eternity,

Your Blanket love

Belongs to Me.

You never kissed Me,

And so I will always be

The Girl of your Dreams!

And therefore the only one,

that will keep on living in that perfect place

Inside of you.

It’s amazing how the Love of a higher order

That lived on our Families

Knew what to do for us,

When we were both

Still to young too!

That blanket love will live on strong

In the heart, and in these words,

And when we're rapped in them cozy & warm

Covering us with love on those cold & chilly nights,

When that blanket love will bring us back

To the time and place where,

That blanket love started!

Holding on to those times and memories

Is where our friendship will remain,

And live on kindly

When thinking of each other,


And that's the way it should stay

Covering us with love,

There is no amount of time

That can undo,

Where only I will ever be

the perfect girl, in the right place

and time, where that blanket love

First started.

I'm the only girl, you ever gave it to,

Which is the way it should always be,

Your blanket love belongs to me,

which is where you're always invited

To Remember Me,

When wrapped in warm blankets

Of that memory,

Providing us a Perfect Ending

and where it will always belong,

Way back then

When that blanket love

First started!

The End!

love poems

Jennifer Cooley

I've been writing as long as I could hold a crayon! Remember writing my first story like it was yesterday at 5 I remember the details of the day, location, time, excitement & where the story was preserved for all time! Lots Born From That!

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