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Blank Page

by Hannah Langley 4 months ago in slam poetry · updated 4 months ago
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For anyone who has felt the frustration of not being able to find inspiration.

A blank page

Can be a scary thing

Staring, waiting for something, anything

To be put on it.

At times intimidating

When no thoughts are to be had, no ideas to be put down

You staring at the page, waiting for spark

The page staring at you, giving you

No ideas, no inspiration, no sage words of wisdom

Completely blank

All the room in the world for you to fill that empty space and yet

Nothing to fill it with .

Time ticking on like a bomb ...

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Until it explodes ! Or

You disarm it just in the nick

Of time.

Suddenly what was once a blank page is filled

With words, ideas, images, thoughts, colors, shapes...

The list can go on and on .

Your ideas go on and on ,

Until your burst of creativity

Comes to an end

Your own ticking time bomb of ideas detonates and

Time has run out and

In the end

Have you created a masterpiece?

Or have you just fulfilled your goal

In filling a blank page.

slam poetry

About the author

Hannah Langley

College '21

Learning to enjoy writing for something other than a grade.

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