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Black Woman's Orientation


By Alohan I RowlandPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Black Woman's Orientation
Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

In the heart of every pulse that beats,

A Black woman stands, firm, where history meets.

Her roots dig deep in soil rich and dark,

Nurturing seeds that ignite a spark.

Her hands, both strong and gentle, weave,

Threads of unity that never leave.

She builds with wisdom, a quiet power,

Bringing forth blossoms, each hour by hour.

She stands as a beacon, resilient, bold,

Her stories more precious than silver or gold.

With a spirit unbroken, her voice is clear,

A call to come together, to hold loved ones near.

She teaches the young, with patience and grace,

Fostering dreams, in every small face.

Her laughter, a melody, lightens the air,

Binding the community with genuine care.

In kitchens, in classrooms, in streets aglow,

Her presence is felt wherever we go.

She dances through struggles, her spirit alive,

Ensuring her people will always survive.

In every heart she leaves her trace,

A testament of love and endless embrace.

A Black woman’s orientation, her destined part,

Is the soul of community, the pulse of its heart.

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Alohan I Rowland

I am a very innovative and aspiring kind of human i love music and i do music i love life and i love the earth so much

I love reading and i love to know much

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    Alohan I RowlandWritten by Alohan I Rowland

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