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Black Lace

by Christine Antosca about a month ago in love poems
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An article of clothing that has significant meaning to you

Black Lace
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Delicate to the touch,

the black lace

I wore that day

trying to finally meet you,

my one true love.

A piece of material,

my favorite shirt

I chose to wear

as you are special to me.

I wait

for you to come,

imagining the effect

this choice of clothing I wore

will have on you.

Would you come to me?

Handle me with care?

With a touch so soft

that wouldn't damage the lace?

The transparency

shown through the cloth,

unveils my love for you.

In the end,

What was I met with?

Obstacles that kept me

in the distance,

away from you

by people who don't love you

the way I do.

Washing the black lace

cleans the material

from the harsh reality of the day,

but the memories

of the glimpse

I got of you

will always remain.

love poems

About the author

Christine Antosca

I am a freelance writer who writes novels as a ghostwriter. I am also a poet. I love to read. Writing poetry is my passion because I really can put my emotions into words when I’m writing poems.

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