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Bitterness is a poison

by Corrin Harris 12 months ago in inspirational · updated 9 months ago
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A poem

Bitterness is a poison
Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

Resentment catches in my throat,

Sometimes it takes me by surprise.

Perhaps, it simply may denote

Emotions like anger in disguise.

Fluctuations is my norm,

Inaction awakens grief.

Uninvited it starts to form,

like poison underneath.

I could tell you I’m not surprised,

It has happened many times.

Time has helped me realize,

Bitterness is born in strife.

To let these emotions transform,

Is the best relief I’ve found.

Release your thoughts in written form,

Then bury them in the ground.

Life does not always happen

the way we want it to.

The easy road is given

To a small and selected few.

For all of us who struggle,

Help is always down the road.

To speak out loud your troubles,

Will alleviate your load.

Rest your palm over your heart,

And close your weary eyes.

Strength is with you from the start,

Awaken it with your mind.


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Corrin Harris

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