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Bird Soaring Through The Sky

Embrace the boundless sky above

By Bilal HaiderPublished 6 months ago β€’ 1 min read
Bird Soaring Through The Sky
Photo by David Watkis on Unsplash

With wings spread wide, the bird takes flight,

Soaring through the endless blue,

A graceful dance of pure delight,

Against the backdrop of the view.

Its feathers catch the warming sun,

A golden glow that shimmers bright,

A symbol of freedom, every one,

A messenger of nature's might.

It dips and weaves on currents strong,

In perfect harmony with the air,

A symphony of nature's song,

A sight so wondrous and so rare.

And though it seems so far away,

In that infinite expanse up high,

The bird reminds us every day,

That we too can soar, if we try.

So let us spread our wings and fly,

Embrace the boundless sky above,

And like the bird, we too may find,

A freedom born of purest love.


About the Creator

Bilal Haider

A person who loves to share experiences and adventures .

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