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Beyond the Facades

- Seeking Truth in Ever-Changing Moments

By Dawnxisoul393artPublished 29 days ago 2 min read

Memories, like a ticket

a vessel to traverse

They carry me on a journey

back and forth, in reverse

Through moments etched in time

I relive the past

A kaleidoscope of emotions

a narrative so vast

Oh, the "once" moments

both beautiful and cruel

With joyous laughter and

tears unbridled, the dual

A foolish smile upon

my lips, so unaware

And I have been confused

lost in the maze of it all

Grasping for answers

unsure where to stand tall

Those "once"

- how beautiful

- how painful

they seem

Moments that haunt me

both reality and dream

So let us cherish

the "once" moments

both joyous and blue

For they shape us, mold us

and guide us anew

And may we understand

with empathy and care

In the realm of life's tapestry

I journeyed unawares

embracing dreams without a care

Lost in a world where

endless possibilities would be

In this tapestry of existence

unveiling our true selves

For in the ebb and flow

of life's ceaseless tide

But within this tapestry

of memories and change

There lies a constant

a thread that remains the same

The essence of who I am

the core of my being

Beyond the facades, the masks

the different ways of seeing

In the realm of experience

I've stumbled and I've grown

Through the labyrinth of confusion

I've found my own

Each step a lesson

teaching me to discern

To see beyond the masks

and the truths to discern

For it is in the acceptance

of all that I've been

The good and the bad

the joyful and the keen

That I find the strength

to embrace the path ahead

And navigate the future

no longer filled with dread

Oh, the journey of self-discovery

a symphony of grace

Unveiling the layers

as I seek my rightful place

For in this dance of life

we may stumble and fall

But it's in rising again

that we truly stand tall

So let the memories come

let them take me once more

On a journey through time

to the person I was before

I'll find

The truest reflection

of my ever-evolving mind

Free Verse

About the Creator


Dawnxisoul393art, an illustrator and designer couple living on a remote island in Hong Kong.

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Comments (3)

  • shanmuga priya29 days ago

    I was completely engrossed from beginning to the end of the poem.Fantastic work.👏👏

  • Sherif Saad29 days ago

    nice work

  • Sasi Kala29 days ago

    I like this line Memories, like a ticket.very nice poem!

Dawnxisoul393artWritten by Dawnxisoul393art

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