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Better Off

by Derek Evers about a year ago in love poems

Self-Love Poem

Better Off
Photo by Spencer Arquimedes on Unsplash

What did you think would happen?

Waltzing into my life again, trying to pick up where we left off.

Maybe you didn't see the fragments of my heart, scattered throughout my messages to you.

Or maybe, giving you my last September, in that silent city, wasn't right.

I needed your hands to hold me together then.

And selfishly, I wanted my kiss to be your medicine.

I was a human desperately needing someone to fill this space next to me.

For someone who could end the daydreaming.

Your hands were warm like the early morning sun, waking me up.

But your warmth faded, like any other sun.

Eventually you tried to shine your light on my world again, fill me with your warmth, again.

But even the moon, threatened by cold darkness, continues to spin.

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love poems

Derek Evers

Hello! I'm Derek, a writer based in Portland, OR. Author of short stories, poetry, and blog posts about the things that interest me. Be kind to yourself and others, always.

IG: deverswriting

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Derek Evers
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