Better Days Ahead

April 12, 2020

Better Days Ahead

Standing against my balcony

I see bobbing heads of people

Running along the street.

I see trucks roaming along,

Honking their horns.

People are happy

....Happy to be outside again...

...People going shopping

At open air markets.

And there is the whirling of rotating tires,

I followed the source

And there I can see a mail truck

Turning at the intersection of the light

Heading towards a neighborhood

And from far I can see the mailman dropping mail in mailboxes.

I can't read the number on the truck

But I can make sense the blue and the white and the red.

And there is the bright blue sky,

I am really excited about it.

The clouds soft,

The sun shines brightly,

And I can see everything with clarity

In vivid color

And the trees dressed in green

Dancing in the wind

As if they are happy to see me.

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