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Beneath The Trees

by Rebecca A Hyde Gonzales 2 months ago in nature poetry · updated about a month ago
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For one bright year, it was just me and thee

Playing beneath the apple and pear trees.

Along came another, so bright and fair

Teary, glassy, blue eyes and dark brown hair.

Little mothers to be, beneath the trees

Learning to love, nurture, snuggle, and tease.

Another year together, me and thee

Playing beneath the apple and pear trees.

Seasons and places change for me and thee

We still find time to play beneath the trees.

Picking each peach and plum found at our feet

Washing, slicing, so sugar sweet to eat.

What once was three become four and then five

Our little home, buzzing like a beehive.

Another year together, me and thee

Playing beneath old deciduous trees.

Yet time moves on beneath all ancient trees

Who, lonely, wish to be near me and thee.

Ancient, the black walnut rests on the hill

Swaying and bending with each little shrill.

The rope drawn taught as we clung to the tires

Our gangly legs reached higher and higher.

What once was five becomes six and seven

Two precious spirits from spires of heaven.

For many years it was just me and thee

Dancing and playing beneath the palm trees.

They stretched high above us touching blue skies

Until I found him gazing into your eyes.

We witnessed vows born of a love, divine

Both your hands, commingling and intertwined.

One last moment it was just me and thee

Before you left me beneath a lone tree.

Years passed without the company of thee

I think of you beneath my citrus trees.

Alone, you raised your four and I, my three

Who played and laughed beneath our separate trees.

Again time moves on beneath the ancient trees

Who, lonely, wished to be near me and thee.

Another day will pass for me and thee

One standing, one sleeping beneath the trees.

“Beneath The Trees” is a piece that was written for my sister, Jennifer, who is eighteen months younger than me. It seems that we were constantly at each other's throats growing up; especially as teenagers. However, we had wonderful experiences and we became close friends as adults. Our families spent a lot of time together and our husbands became very good friends. Later, we had a falling out. Neither of us was to blame. After several years I desired to reconnect with my sister; not knowing how I began to write. I worked on this poem for a whole weekend; sharing it with my father and asking him his thoughts. It was important to me that I got the words down just right. When I was satisfied with its maturity I posted it on our family’s Facebook page with the image shown below:

nature poetry

About the author

Rebecca A Hyde Gonzales

I started writing when I was about eight years old. I love to read and I also love to create. As a writer and an artist, I want to share the things that I have learned and experienced. Genres: Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and history.

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  • Mike Singleton - Mikeydredabout a month ago

    This is gorgeous, and those images are amazing. You got a subscription from me too

  • Paul Stewartabout a month ago

    Sublime read, so easy to get lost in the words and phrasing! Wonderful stuff.

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