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Beneath the Cheshire Moon

by Natasha Penn 2 months ago in love poems
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A poem for lost souls and wandering nyctophiles.

Beneath the Cheshire Moon
Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

A sea of stars is visible in the deep ocean above

Pastel clouds paint the dark expanse beautifully

The dense forest dances in the breeze, reminiscent of fair revelries;

They're swaying with the tune as we stand beneath the Cheshire moon.


Our eyes lock, and the distance between us wanes

Your void-like gaze piques my curiosity

Two beating hearts that have been stolen, two lost souls are now beholden;

We're hidden by the trees as we stroll beneath the crescent gleam.


Witty anecdotes and good-natured tall tales

Boisterous laughter dissolving into gleeful tears

Our giggles are followed by a gentle hush, our fingers glance in a tender touch;

Secret spells waft between us and fill the scenery, a delicate warmth disguised by lush greenery.


Hand in hand, heart to heart

Promises rise with the wind and sweep us off our feet

My mind soars among the heaven and stars dreamily,

And I pray to the grinning moon that we never wake again.


A poem for lost souls and wandering nyctophiles, inspired in part by the image above. Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash.

Graphic made at Canva
Graphic made at Canva

love poems

About the author

Natasha Penn

Latinx, genderfluid, parent Author, blogger, & freelance writer. Working on my book series: Saturn Rising, Book One: Aquarius. Will post my poetry, short stories, and fiction series here.


Avatar: @oveikeii

Banner art: @midluuna

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