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Being Yourself | Poem

Being Yourself

By Oğuz AcarPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

Being oneself has no other greatest wealth

If everyone was like oneself

Maybe there will be no evil in the world

It's an optimistic dream, but one that can be brought to fruition if one puts their mind to it

In fact ,the human intellect really is limitless

If one moves on with a modicum of determination and assurance

With patience, one can make his way around the difficulties

Here's the courage needed, it's not there when it's needed

Another another absurd reality

It takes more than potential bravery to realize one's full potential

To show the world the real character

Life is not a one-and-done performance; it must always test its limits

Drawing a line to the past without looking back

Should be thinking forward

They have to keep going even if they reach their deaths at the end of the road, as in the supposed route

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