Behold, the Darkness

An amateur poem about two timeless foes - also posted on Medium:

Behold, the Darkness
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The darkness within

Like the closest of kin

Knowing every weakness and need

It devours the light

Bleeds in the night

Hoping you’ll never succeed

Why do you do this to yourself?

The thoughts continue to speak

You’re in a phase.

Get over it.

Put some rhythm in your feet.

But it can’t be that simple

I’m not the only one

Everyone’s an individual

Searching for their sun

That’s pathetic logic

The thoughts retorted in disgust

Those tools are only for the worthy and just

You’ve absorbed the thoughts for years

All of the logic, reasoning, pain and tears


A new thought appeared

It nearly blinded you

It consumed the black

The other thoughts now silenced too

In the ambient quiet

It simply moved

What do you want?

Yet somehow I felt soothed

The thought surrounded me

Offering no threat

This wasn’t pain

Nor depression… not even dread?

Something you felt

Lifetimes ago

Encouragement, uplifting

Visions of future and hope

This thought didn’t stop

These feelings weren’t for teasing

Before long, we were gaining elevation

The darkness was leaving!

The thought finally spoke

Darkness is no joke

Those other thoughts speak truth

Voids are everywhere you go

More will come

But never fret, you see

Although it takes away your light

It will never engulf your dreams

Now my life

Injected with meaning

Standing tall with defiance

Now… my light is beaming

James Crawford
James Crawford
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