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Behind Me

Poetry about the inner self

By Devyn SharelPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Behind Me
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May the night come upon us

As we settle into our dream self

Astral projection

Into celestial spaces

Or new found land

Wherever it is

You’ll be right behind me

Like a shadow

Running along

The midnight hour

In sync with the rhythm

Of a grandfather’s clock

You’re footsteps

Will tap behind me

Overlapping the prints

I previously left marked

There are no winners in this race

Yet we seek perfection

Not for lack of trying

Though we sin

Still, you’re right behind me

Like the boisterous claims of a coach

Perfecting his players on a field

Your voice is right behind me

Reverberating like a surround sound

I can’t see

And yet your behind me

I can’t touch you

But I know you’re behind me

I can’t reach you

And you can’t reach me

But still, you’re right behind me

But I hope one day….you’ll catch me.

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About the Creator

Devyn Sharel

Devyn Sharel is a fiction writer, poet & Film enthusiast. She enjoys writing fiction romance, drama and other genres that challenge her creative comfort zone.

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