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before the air lost its sweetness

by Sarah Bruce 12 days ago in sad poetry

a poem

across my yard crept a honeysuckle vine,

impossibly tangled with untold mysteries in its depths.

below its candied blooms I would sprawl,

dust communing with dust,

reveling in the feeling of cool earth on skin.

outside my room grew a lilac bush,

awkward twisted limbs adorned by fragrant clusters.

upon the largest branch I would perch,

like a nymph among the leaves,

escaping through my perfumed dreams.

near my door stood a crabapple tree,

plain and barren until suddenly bursting with life.

through the window I would watch,

eagerly awaiting the snow white bouquet,

wishing I could mirror its journey.

over my youth they each fell silent,

dormant relics ripped from their roots.

beneath the moonlight I would cry,

crushed by a heaviness I could not name,

longing for the time before the air lost its sweetness.

sad poetry
Sarah Bruce
Sarah Bruce
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Sarah Bruce

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