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Beauty in broken things

The frangible, fragile face

By Novel AllenPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read

Frangible, intricate, elegant, shattered.

i find such beauty in broken things.

don't you?

Sensing my inner struggles, and frantic need of a friend,

the delicate fluttery wings of a lovely gossamer lifeform,

with graceful fragile wings outstretched, a tiny dainty butterfly,

it's multicolored diaphanous fairy wings gently descending,

seemingly, sensing a broken soul's desire for a whimsical touch,

placed upon my brow the most welcome exquisite kiss.

My eyes closed in contemplation of the gentle touch of bliss.

Worry not, my lovely one, she whispered calmly upon the wind,

all that is assumed broken can be restored to its former glory.

That soul, which is whole, that was never somehow cracked,

broken or chipped just a little tiny bit, never known pain,

has not really lived, or felt the depth or essence of humanity.

For yet in that pain is the secret of the universe,

the ability to feel deep within the human heart,

the pulse of that which makes us unique and special.

Above anything else which has yet to be created,

is the ability to feel, hurt, break and shatter a little,

yet be able to heal, retaining the beat within our hearts.

We heal, yet we never forget. pain lingers somewhere,

it yet comes back to revisit every now and then.

Be kind to each tender, bruised and shattered soul,

it is the best part of all the molded and melded inner us.

It is that which shapes our individual beautiful heart-worn psyche,

into the unique and single, one, just one of you, the self~

Embrace the lovely, divine, enchanting and gorgeous you,

eight billion souls may traverse our wonderous earth,

yet by some miracle across the universe truly, specially woven,


N.A. 12/1/22

inspirationalperformance poetry

About the Creator

Novel Allen

Uk based. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. They diverge into diverse places and meet wonderous beings, in words I have met many. I value each writer equally, as I traverse through this wondrous writing/reading family.

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  • Liviu Roman24 days ago

    Your story was truly moving, and I'm grateful to you for sharing it with all of us. Your writing really struck a chord with me, and I'm excited to see what else you have in store for us in the future.

  • You used one of my favorite words, "gossamer." I love how the title, image and poem are nicely interwoven to compliment and play off of one another. This poem feels like the Japanese art of kintsukaroi, repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer.

  • Every day is a new adventure in our journey on earth whether it is long or fleeting, so knowing there are thinkers out there with a heart for poetry is very encouraging! This was a deeply moving piece!

  • Donna Fox2 months ago

    Wow, so heartfelt and beautiful! Leaves me feeling empowered and inspired!

  • Very good hearted and subscribed

  • The Light Keeper2 months ago

    Lovely. like butterfly wings.

  • The ability to feel everything so deeply, to heal from it but never forget. This was simply so beautiful! 💖

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