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Beat Beat Beat

Listen to the next beat of your heart, it’s still beating..

By Moumita IslamPublished 5 days ago 1 min read
Beat Beat Beat
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The moment you see your heart is beating..

And it’s holding you up to an entirely new morning!

A new sun, a new breath!

you can feel that it’s your life wriggling inside your veins!

This is the time you feel your life could not get more lively!

It’s knocking that old sun-

beaming light into the greens, -
the greens grinning up to the flowers! The flowers giggle back towards the Ocean

The petals peep through your heart

Beaconing that old connection!

Such a tie! Such a move!

It’s a shift that stays around

Keeping you all the way –

beat beat beat!

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  • Alex H Mittelman 5 days ago

    Great poem! Wonderful best to the poem! Such heart’! Fantastic!

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