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Beam my Light, Echo my Night


By Ava SaintPublished 8 months ago 4 min read
Beam my Light,  Echo my Night
Photo by Andri Wyss on Unsplash

I startled in sight and then out of might

As I lingered out of bed, there he stood in great light

My window curtains were opened always just as he wanted

I start my time on a parallel day

But with his help, I could see clearly in my way

I grabbed the only brush I could find

He stares from a corner and doesn't seem to mind

My windows are still opened wide

At breakfast, I set the singular table

I get ready for work with a mind strong and stable

Each day outside I am always met with his surprise kisses

He is closer to me than the weather

After work, he is always there so I can go together

I drive in silence

As I open the door, I am met with more silence again

Dusk times drive me insane

Then my thoughts come back to me

I notice my surroundings and yawn

He is but already gone

But I don't see to mind

I prepare dinner and sit to dine

With a cup in my hand, I exit into the backyard

I notice another presence like a guard

Without hesitation, I look up and stared amazingly at him

I don't know why I am always fascinated by his grim

Yet, I don't know why I shouldn't be

He is radiant, he is beautiful, he is light

He swore too high above the height

He makes his presence more known

I relax peacefully in my comfort zone

With him, the silence feels different

Compared to the warm, happy glow

He towers me with his cold, lonely beau

I continue to stare

Even with the dark posture, he doesn't fret

My being is no stranger to his Kent

Our bond is mutual

But tomorrow does not start with me

He glimpses at me more

I can not in Shepard's eye must I bore

As if seasons, years, and days are not enough

How long in seasons, days, and years must I cuff

Venus's shield, Gandalf's beard

My half heart pierces in delay

Stay with more my shield, my way

Lest tomorrow takes you far away

Morning, I wake to the sounds of wheels on rides

My lover arrives with late tides

He glows brightly in a haze

Even my winks could not escape his sharp gaze

Late birds and tumbling heights

I am drowned in his touch

With all this work and no play

He is always set and ready with no delay

Talk but Jack with no paid wage

He glimpses me more when I step out

Down with my eyes, I stare back not

Our bond is considerable

But tomorrow does not end with me

This one beam saves my day

To naked eyes a prize to pay

My day is high and so must it must lie

Upon the earth like a staining dye

I desire his beauty but not his glaze

Lest I burn my curiosity, pitiful ablaze

Cold nights, bald old sphere cage

Suffer me little your pending rage

I desire the one that does not go astray

Up, Up close haunts and a single light ray

He moves like the wind

My gloming prince, my cold knave

This one desires the lovers' cave

Brewing ales, lighted path

Come and bring your cart

For your sin is within my heart

You painted my eyes and my skin so shine bright

Crave me more for your stare is right

Blasted holds, yonder east

Among many, I am the least

I know I was not the only one

Princes, kings the whole world desires you

Some for you were brought to a duel

One by one you crave their needs

Whether it be good or bad deeds

Countrymen and townsmen

Pretty damsels and ugly minx

All set aside has felt your touch

Oh my glow, Oh my gloom

I have but yet a flaw in my fume

In searching for my zeal and urge

I have found love that hovers

Not in one but two lovers

Oh my gloom, oh my glow

For centuries you never grow

Without you, the world will coil

Our ancestors saw through with no spoil

It took centuries to amend your differences

One for the light, one for the dime

Dark ellipses, worm buttered lime

See me through this pleasant life

Even till my grave must I strife

Forever my sunbeams me with his light

My moon echoes in the night

By Matt Nelson on Unsplash

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