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Be my Vorfreude:

Narrative Poem

Be my Vorfreude:
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Dear future husband,

be my vorfreude...

First impressions,

might be

one of two things.


this woman is way too negative.


this woman is so,so guarded.

Shit hit the fan blades ,

until, I no longer gave two shits...

Left alone,

to heal like a cut and band-aid.

Like a bag of trash,

littering the side of the road...

A situation,

can be hairy with children involved...

Will she?

put down

those negative thoughts

Will she?

put down

her guard

only if my eyes,

see effort.

On behalf, my heart

instill trust.

Lust does not last long...

Dear future husband,

be my


Sure, I may

keep my guard up too high,

as a little voice inside me ;

is screaming,

don’t let the frequency

defeat, deafened , disturb—

I want to be happy,

my heart is lagging.

Like a jet, on airplane mode—

no, positive messages

are coming in-


I’m missing the point...


has taught me one thing.

A masterpiece,

is not the image,

you imagine

it to be.

I can’t wait for the day

love doesn’t deturb me—

Just lean in ,

arms accompany affectionately

Have lips,

touch my cheek,

to whisper,

I love the life you’ve given me.

Dear future husband,

be my



I’m holding out for you.

No, don’t get confused,

I don’t need rescued—

Give hope back, to my eyes,

Give happiness back ,to my smile,

Give my heart back,

someone worthy to invest in...


the passion in my soul.

surreal poetry
Saroyan Coles
Saroyan Coles
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