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Be like water

by test 5 months ago in performance poetry
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Always find a way

Be like water
Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

Be like water, always finding its way through cracks and rocks. Adjusting to circumstances, never letting obstacles be an hindrance to reaching its goal.

Be like water, going under, going around, going over, but keeps going. Overcome the mountain in your mind, and the one in front of you won't stop you.

Empty your mind, then fill it with possibilities, if you are truly willing, you will always find a way, if nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will give way.

There are many alternatives, even if there is none, create one. Instead of giving up, try a different approach.

Success is dependent upon drive and persistence. The willingness to make another effort and try a different way is the secret to winning.

Nothing changes unless you do. To change a situation, start by changing how you see it, and what you see changes.

If you can't fly, run, if you can't run, walk, if you can't walk, crawl, but by all means, like water, keep moving.

Your goal is ahead, not behind. Nothing can stop, only you.

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